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Top 10 Hybrid Integration Solution Providers - 2018

The path to an integrated work ecosystem seems cloudy to most. All double entendre aside however, hybrid integrations mark the pinnacle of what enterprises want in their pursuit of a functional cloud infrastructure. To support their businesses, companies look towards incorporating pervasive strategies that will allow them to tap into the potential of their existing on-premise investments, mobile devices, embedded hardware and the more recent smart devices and IoT. This transition requires that the strategy be flexible, open to tailoring and capable of including upgrades on an incremental scale. An evolution of the pervasive faculties is required, to follow from an Ad Hoc system, to an adaptive one, eventually culminating in a self service model, wherein any functionalities required by the enterprise in the future will be addressable by their own team, seeking external help, only when required. A growing number of SaaS applications are requiring swift integrations and a need for fast, decentralized, platform based IT models. The purview for consideration is plain and Cloud Tech Insights is elated to present the Top 10 Hybrid Integration Solution Providers - 2018, to symptomatically isolate and target the unique elements of the hybrid integration landscape.
Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Amazon Web Services AWS is an infrastructure platform that offers cloud computing services to businesses
antsle antsle is a full-stack private cloud server solution for big and small companies looking to enter the exciting world of the Private Cloud while providing security and scalability
Concerto Cloud Services Multi-Cloud Management, Application Expertise, and Cloud Consulting Services Tailored to Fit every Business need
DigitalOcean DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure provider that provides virtual servers for software developers
Innominds Innominds simplifies digital transformation journey for companies through end-to-end technology solutions and hosting services
Innovations Innovations is a software application development and enterprise-based solution company
Microsoft Microsoft develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and laptops
Navisite NaviSite provides managed cloud, managed application, managed messaging and enterprise hosting services for enterprises
Rackspace Rackspace is an open cloud company that specialises in public, platform, hybrid and Email hosting and dedicated and private cloud services
RightScale RightScale offers Software as a Service based cloud computing management solution for managing cloud infrastructure across multiple IaaS providers